A Peek Inside the Love Anabelle World Headquarters

The new studio is taking shape and I am more than happy to give you a peek inside the World Headquarters of Love Anabelle. World Headquarters not really, just my little space where creation happens! The photos do not truly represent the studio, as most always there are designs being created and orders being processed, which in turn equals an organized MESS!
I decided to tidy up before I invited you for a visit, I hope you enjoy the photographs!

This sweet little spun cotton bird greets all who enter,


Vintage Millinery Supplies



The INBOX and OUTBOX within the studio.



Believe it or not, the vintage dress form has a hand in some of the designs, the dress form is often used in design processes and during photo shoots. If the dress form doesn’t cooperate, I just stick it with a pin, OUCH! After all that IS what a dress form is for!

An assortment of veils awaiting final touches. I like the way the light shows the various designs.

In the end, all designs receive the signature Love Anabelle label.

I hope you have enjoyed your peek inside the world of Love Anabelle, stay tuned for updates.


New Found LOVE

I just learned of the most wonderful tiny world of Dior Robe Miss Dior Haute Couture 1949.

I could not believe what my eyes were seeing, As I continued to research this amazing world of exquisite tiny treasures,
I could not believe what my eyes were seeing….

Here is a sampling of the beauty..

Maybe just maybe I will see if I can create my own rendition.