The Wedding Dress

The wedding dress, so much thought is given by the soon to be bride on just what exactly is the “perfect” wedding dress for that special day.

This lovely wedding dress is a true traditional lace wedding dress, with its empire waistline, a conservative high neckline and long sleeves. A simple but very tailored overall wedding dress. My mind wonders as to who the bride might have been that once choose to wear this lovely dress on that special day.

The Wedding Dress: A wedding dress or gown is the clothing worn by a bride during a wedding ceremony. Color, style and ceremonial importance of the gown can depend on the religion and culture of the wedding participants. In Western cultures, brides often choose a white wedding dress, by which was made popular by Queen Victoria in the 19th century.



A Little Peek at The Makery

I thought I would share with you a few photographs of The Makery.
The Makery was nestled along a wonderful little footpath just off our towns historic Fountain Square.

In the short five weeks the studio was open, years of memories were made by those who entered the front door. A variety of classes were taught from machine sewing, knitting, needlework, re-upholstery, jewelry, pottery, photography, painting and there was an emporium of goods from around the world. The local NBC television affiliate filmed there weekly version of “Pinterest” from the shop, both children and adults were discovering their creative side.


The water decided to make an appearance.

Looking back, The Makery was a wonderful adventure, even in its short five weeks of life. On the bright side the closing of The Makery, led me to launch Love Anabelle.

I have always believed something good can prevail from something bad and Love Anabelle is that something.

I’m so glad YOU are here!


Boxes Boxes and More Boxes

Moving for me is a lot like a birthday or Christmas, I never know what I am going to discover once the box is opened! This recent move has proven to be a bit my challenging for me. Last June, I opened The Makery, my towns first and only brick and mortar creative arts studio, only to have the old historic building flood only five weeks into the adventure. Needless to say, that was not the plan I had in mind when embarking on this exciting new adventure.
I thought I had managed to find new homes for most of the shops inventory, that is until I started packing the old studio space for our recent move. I’m the type of person who really doesn’t like to throw away something I “think” I might use in future projects. WELL…. it seems that I saved more than I thought, which is probably the very reason why I still do not have the new studio space completely together!

The new studio space is making progress and I like how things are settling in. I will share photographs with you soon.


A Wonderfully BUSY Spring!

Please accept my apologies, as I have not kept my own personal promise to regularly post on the Love Anabelle blog.

 I do have a valid reason for my absence…… am happy to say that Love Anabelle is attracting customers from around the world, with custom designs and purchase being shipped to many different postal codes and country codes. Needless to say my postal carrier has increased his load a bit, as I am now shipping all orders from my new studio space. New studio space?? 

Yes, my family and I have also made a home move and with that, I had to give up my sweet cottage studio. Overall the new Love Anabelle space is coming along quite nicely and within the next few weeks I will be back to creating new designs for Summer and Autumn weddings. I will take you inside the new studio space through photographs as everything settles into place.



Can I be a Flower Girl

Can I be a Flower Girl at the age of 47, if so I would like to carry this basket.

Having attended many weddings in my years, I have always loved to see the little children of the wedding party, so precious they are. Imagine if you were a flower girl and as you begin your journey down the aisle, you begin to realize all eyes are on you. Such a big part in the wedding ceremony with some so frightened, while others seem to steal the show. Nineteen years ago this May, my niece Alexandra at the sweet age of 4 was our flower girl, oh how I wish I could have a picture of her carrying this sweet little basket. Maybe one day when she gets married, I will be able to create a basket for her flower girl to carry.Image

Vintage Lace Anyone

On a quick two day buying trip, with hopes to adding to my collection of vintage/antique supplies, I discovered buying by the yard would be just plan silly, so…… here is a little sampling of some of the BOLTS that were purchased. After all buying by the BOLT is more fun than by the yard!!