Garters Garters Garters


Garters garters and more garters….

Here is a sampling of a few more garter designs I’m trying.


As Requested….

IMG_2417 IMG_2418 IMG_2419

French Antique Lace Garter

This year as I branch out into new areas of design, I have had inquires from brides, to design bridal garters. Not ever having designed bridal garters in the past, I knew just the place to get inspiration….for many years, I have been buying and collecting lovely textiles and trims from around the globe, it is now time to pass along those pretties for future brides to wear on their special day.. With so many types of trims to choose from within my “stash”, it seems that layering is what I am enjoying so far.

Tradition says that whom ever the single man that catches the garter, is the next one to marry.

Latest Lesson

IIMG_1929 IMG_1930 IMG_1932

After seeing so many crystal and pearl circlets of various designs, I decided to create my own version for Love Anabelle. With over 100+ Austrian Swarovski crystals and many pearls this hand wired and wrapped beauty came to life…. Introducing the first circlet design for Love Anabelle.

2015 New Releases

Excuse the delay with my entries,

I was so inspired by the Christian Dior feature some months back that I decided to take a trip to Paris to do an apprenticeship with the master milliners at Christian Dior Atelier. Now that I have your attention… I have only been dreaming of that!!

What I have been doing, is playing around with the vintage millinery tool set (photos posted previously)  that I acquired some time ago and until recently I had not touched it!! I think I was a bit worried of addiction!! I have always had an appreciations for vintage millinery flowers, however I must say that appreciation has escalated even higher since using the tools. i have also decided to give my hand(s) a try a soldering to create metal pieces for the Love Anabelle shop. There are many ways to solder, it seems the two most common ways are by open flame and electric iron, OF COURSE, I have chosen OPEN FLAME!

Practice make perfect, or in my case, practice make new releases…..


I would describe myself as a classic/non trendy kind of girl (woman really, as I am nearing 50!) and I find myself creating designs in the classic wedding tradition, however, this year, I decided to add a few metal pieces within the shop, these pieces will be added slowly as they require greater attention to detail and I have to move at a snails pace or I will get burned!!

I hope you like my new releases…. I will continue to add others as they are completed.

My Tribute to Christian Dior

IMG_9549 IMG_9552 IMG_9553

All finished…I had an amazing time creating this little gem.

While working on this project, I couldn’t help but wonder what it must have been like to work along side the millinery artists that created the wonderful works of the Robe Miss Dior collections, I think I need to plan a trip to Paris!!

Now I wonder if I should design a life size version for me to wear!

I hope you like the little dress, as much as I do..



My Version

A few posts ago, I posted about discovering the beautiful world of Dior Robe Miss Dior Haute Couture 1949. I must admit that the beautiful images I discovered have been playing over and over in my mind and tonight I decided to begin creating my version of the tiny little dress.

I quickly found myself immersed in creation and wanted to share with you my progress.

I managed to locate a tiny paper mache dress form on Etsy as my starting point. I covered the paper mache with two layers of vintage fabrics, then placed the proportional lines accordingly, as if the tiny dress form was a life size dress form, I then determined the overall dress sizing based on the dress forms proportions, I then  penciled a free form pattern on a piece of millinery fabric. Due to the stiffness of the fabric, I briefly submerged it in water to soften, not thinking, the penciled pattern washed out, so….. I had pencil the pattern again. Thats ok, I’m so IN LOVE with this project, re-doing the pattern again was no problem!

Since I learned of the world of Miss Dior, I will admit that I have been going through my flower stash and I began pulling tiny flowers for this project..

At this point I am in the early stages of flower layout, I will continue to work on this amazing project and keep you posted with the progress.

I hope you like it so far, I DO!


A Package From Australia

I have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of a package from Australia and today it arrived!!! What is it, you ask?


Well…. what’s your best guess?

Did you guess vintage textile tools? If so, GREAT! If your saying vintage textile tools what’s that? Well…..

This box of tools will allow me to finally plunge into my box of vintage velvets, silks, sateens and organzas to begin designing and creating my own flowers for Love Anabelle designs!!!! These vintage tools are becoming difficult to locate and remember, I was awaiting the package arrival all the way from Australia!

These tools are heated then applied to fabrics allowing the sculpting and molding process to begin. In the near future I will be traveling to Atlanta to learn from one of the industries leader and hopefully begin to put these wonderful old tools to use again.

A Peek Inside the Love Anabelle World Headquarters

The new studio is taking shape and I am more than happy to give you a peek inside the World Headquarters of Love Anabelle. World Headquarters not really, just my little space where creation happens! The photos do not truly represent the studio, as most always there are designs being created and orders being processed, which in turn equals an organized MESS!
I decided to tidy up before I invited you for a visit, I hope you enjoy the photographs!

This sweet little spun cotton bird greets all who enter,


Vintage Millinery Supplies



The INBOX and OUTBOX within the studio.



Believe it or not, the vintage dress form has a hand in some of the designs, the dress form is often used in design processes and during photo shoots. If the dress form doesn’t cooperate, I just stick it with a pin, OUCH! After all that IS what a dress form is for!

An assortment of veils awaiting final touches. I like the way the light shows the various designs.

In the end, all designs receive the signature Love Anabelle label.

I hope you have enjoyed your peek inside the world of Love Anabelle, stay tuned for updates.

New Found LOVE

I just learned of the most wonderful tiny world of Dior Robe Miss Dior Haute Couture 1949.

I could not believe what my eyes were seeing, As I continued to research this amazing world of exquisite tiny treasures,
I could not believe what my eyes were seeing….

Here is a sampling of the beauty..

Maybe just maybe I will see if I can create my own rendition.