Hello, allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Rebecca,

I am the treasure seeker and creator of all things Love Anabelle. My studio has often been referred to as a “grown up playhouse”, this special place is where I become lost in creation and where I enjoy discovering what creations lie ahead.

I find myself inspired by vintage millinery flowers, trims, textiles, papers and pretty much all things old. I often think I would have been absolutely happy living in the 1800’s, however my husband says differently, I have been referred to as an “old soul” and I love that!

I invite you to look about the blog and enjoy the items of yesteryear that have now been given a second go around with their new found beauty.
Love Anabelle’s handmade pieces are created using vintage and antique supplies, therefore each piece is truly a one of a kind creations. By using vintage and antique supplies, designs are not replicated. If you desire a complete wedding party collection or see something within this blog that you would like something designed, simply contact me and together we will create a very special piece for you or the entire wedding party.

Love Anabelle features one of a kind handmade wedding treasures ranging in bridal crowns, hair accessories, boutonnieres, lapel flowers, ring pillows and much more.

Allow Love Anabelle to provide that “something OLD” for your special day.


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