Garters Garters Garters


Garters garters and more garters….

Here is a sampling of a few more garter designs I’m trying.


As Requested….

IMG_2417 IMG_2418 IMG_2419

French Antique Lace Garter

This year as I branch out into new areas of design, I have had inquires from brides, to design bridal garters. Not ever having designed bridal garters in the past, I knew just the place to get inspiration….for┬ámany years, I have been buying and collecting lovely textiles and trims from around the globe, it is now time to pass along those pretties for future brides to wear on their special day.. With so many types of trims to choose from within my “stash”, it seems that layering is what I am enjoying so far.

Tradition says that whom ever the single man that catches the garter, is the next one to marry.

Latest Lesson

IIMG_1929 IMG_1930 IMG_1932

After seeing so many crystal and pearl circlets of various designs, I decided to create my own version for Love Anabelle. With over 100+ Austrian Swarovski crystals and many pearls this hand wired and wrapped beauty came to life…. Introducing the first circlet design for Love Anabelle.