2015 New Releases

Excuse the delay with my entries,

I was so inspired by the Christian Dior feature some months back that I decided to take a trip to Paris to do an apprenticeship with the master milliners at Christian Dior Atelier. Now that I have your attention… I have only been dreaming of that!!

What I have been doing, is playing around with the vintage millinery tool set (photos posted previously)  that I acquired some time ago and until recently I had not touched it!! I think I was a bit worried of addiction!! I have always had an appreciations for vintage millinery flowers, however I must say that appreciation has escalated even higher since using the tools. i have also decided to give my hand(s) a try a soldering to create metal pieces for the Love Anabelle shop. There are many ways to solder, it seems the two most common ways are by open flame and electric iron, OF COURSE, I have chosen OPEN FLAME!

Practice make perfect, or in my case, practice make new releases…..


I would describe myself as a classic/non trendy kind of girl (woman really, as I am nearing 50!) and I find myself creating designs in the classic wedding tradition, however, this year, I decided to add a few metal pieces within the shop, these pieces will be added slowly as they require greater attention to detail and I have to move at a snails pace or I will get burned!!

I hope you like my new releases…. I will continue to add others as they are completed.