A Wonderfully BUSY Spring!

Please accept my apologies, as I have not kept my own personal promise to regularly post on the Love Anabelle blog.

 I do have a valid reason for my absence…… am happy to say that Love Anabelle is attracting customers from around the world, with custom designs and purchase being shipped to many different postal codes and country codes. Needless to say my postal carrier has increased his load a bit, as I am now shipping all orders from my new studio space. New studio space?? 

Yes, my family and I have also made a home move and with that, I had to give up my sweet cottage studio. Overall the new Love Anabelle space is coming along quite nicely and within the next few weeks I will be back to creating new designs for Summer and Autumn weddings. I will take you inside the new studio space through photographs as everything settles into place.