Spring Sampling


This just might be one of my all time favorites! 

SO MANY beautiful colors, textures, layers and MORE!   $64


A Vintage Stole

stole 1 |stōl|


a woman’s long scarf or shawl, esp. fur or similar material, worn loosely over the shoulders.

ORIGIN Old English 



Can I be a Flower Girl

Can I be a Flower Girl at the age of 47, if so I would like to carry this basket.

Having attended many weddings in my years, I have always loved to see the little children of the wedding party, so precious they are. Imagine if you were a flower girl and as you begin your journey down the aisle, you begin to realize all eyes are on you. Such a big part in the wedding ceremony with some so frightened, while others seem to steal the show. Nineteen years ago this May, my niece Alexandra at the sweet age of 4 was our flower girl, oh how I wish I could have a picture of her carrying this sweet little basket. Maybe one day when she gets married, I will be able to create a basket for her flower girl to carry.Image

Vintage Lace Anyone

On a quick two day buying trip, with hopes to adding to my collection of vintage/antique supplies, I discovered buying by the yard would be just plan silly, so…… here is a little sampling of some of the BOLTS that were purchased. After all buying by the BOLT is more fun than by the yard!!