Hand Dying

Recently I purchased a vintage wedding dress with loads of velvet and damask, soooo….. I thought I would see how the fabrics would take to a little hand dying.

Which is your favorite color?Image


A Hidden Treasure

Much like myself, you probably dream of discovering an attic full of treasures. A few week ago, I had a small piece of that dream become reality. Allow me to set the story for you….

There is this house in my neighborhood that has been for sale by its owner for, what seems to be quite awhile. On the outside the house is constructed of Kentucky limestone, there is a glass greenhouse that looks like it was picked right up from a garden in the countryside of England and placed in the backyard, a breezeway that connects the main house to the garage and more. I decided to call the number on the sign to have a look inside. Hoping the inside would show as well as the outside, I thought this house might be a contender for purchase (we were looking to sell our home and buy another). Much to my surprise the inside did not present well at all.

The current owner was very eager to make certain that I saw every nook and cranny of every part of the property, even the attic over the garage. This is where the small piece of that dream became reality. The garage attic appeared as if no one had been there for sometime, there were a few old framed photographs, medical diplomas and a dusty large narrow box!  The owner went on to say that the remaining “stuff” in the attic was either going to be thrown away or taken to a local consignment shop. I thought this would be an appropriate time to ask about what was in the box, his reply was “old paper”. OLD PAPER I thought, “can I see” I asked! The man lifted the lid from the box to unveil, what seemed like “old paper” to him, but what was really tucked away inside that box were……….. vintage tissue paper flower balls in an array of faded colors!!! With the amount of excitement I must have displayed when the lid was removed, the man said to me “you can have them”! Vintage tissue paper flower balls to me are like ice cream, cookies and just about anything else that is sweet! I offered to buy the box from the man, however he refused. The man told me that the house was full of “stuff” when he purchased it and I would have had fun looking through all of it. I was happy the dusty box had not been discovered and that I have been granted a tiny part of that dream of discovering an attic full of treasures!! First photograph is how the balls looked at discovery, the second photograph is after a bit of fluffing! On another note, we now have a contract on a house!

Oh the possibilities I have in store for these vintage tissue paper flower balls!ImageImage

I have since learned that the original homes owners were a doctor, therefore the medical diplomas and apparently he had a crafty wife! I also learned they had no children and that would be the reason why so much “stuff” was left behind. Sad really.

Introducing Love Anabelle

Hello and WELCOME,

I am so happy and honored that you have taken interest into the world of Love Anabelle. I guess you might say that I am the person behind all things Love Anabelle. Allow me to introduce myself and share a bit of background with you.

My name is Rebecca, since I can remember I have been creating. I have childhood memories of watching over my mothers shoulder while she would happily create on her sewing machine, learning from my dad how to properly use power tools and minor construction.  If asked who do I  give credit to my creative abilities, the answer would be something like this.

I remember watching over my moms shoulder while she would be sewing in what she would call her “sewing room”. This was a little room, the type of room that when a “mess” was made, you would simply close the door and when you returned the project would be just as you left it! Looking back she had a wonderful little sewing room, all organized to her needs for creating. I was glad to be part of my moms sewing room and now reflect on the one on one sewing lessons, the clothing she made me and trips to the fabric store.  I also spent time with dad at his workbench learning the not so “lady like” things of power tools and simple construction, we never called for service in our home! I grew up and attended public schools and in that day, Home Economics and Shop classes were part of your regular class schedule. I LOVED those classes! I would credit my mom and dad for giving me the basic foundations of sewing, power tool use and simple construction, however today I think if you were to ask my parents, did I learn from them?  My mom would say “maybe at the beginning, but now I am learning from her” as for my dad well…. he would never admit it,  he has learned a few things from me also!  Thank you mom and dad!

I am married to my husband of soon to be 19 years, we have a 13 year old son.

My husband is not AT ALL familiar with the aspect of operating a power tool or simple construction, and while a bachelor he would have probably had buttons sewn on by others, I best be careful, remember I said soon to be 19 years! My husbands career has been in professional athletics and now in collegiate athletics. Our son who is quite athletic is also well versed in the kitchen and the use of SIMPLE power tools. I would like to say he is learning these things from me, and I would like to think that I am grooming him to make someone quite happy one day!

Love Anabelle is way for me to have a creative outlet and share with others the designs I create using vintage and antique supplies.

I also have an Etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/LoveAnabelle, and this is my “About” information:

My name is Rebecca,

I am the treasure seeker and creator of all things Love Anabelle. My studio has often been referred to as a “grown up playhouse”, this special place is where I become lost in creation and where I enjoy discovering what creations lie ahead.

I find myself inspired by vintage millinery flowers, trims, textiles, papers and pretty much all things old. I often think I would have been absolutely happy living in the 1800’s, however my husband says differently, I have been referred to as an “old soul” and I love that!

With ALL of that being said, WELCOME to Love Anabelle, I do hope you enjoy what you see!